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Diamond Walker Fine Grinding Machines

A double-sided grinder machine is a general purpose grinding device consisting of two spinning circular blades that rotate anticlockwise and clockwise. The first spinning blade is usually referred to as an adjustable face. It is mounted in a chuck table in the manufacturer’s factory where it will be moved around for making each piece of the metal blade. This face should always be locked to prevent slipping off during rough or dirty work.

The second spinning face is called a working face. It is the tool part of the double-sided grinder and can either be left free for making up a complete face, or mounted in a separate piece of equipment for use only in making up a finished face. The working face can be used to make grinding, cutting, burring, honing or polishing motions. The adjustment of the working face can be done manually or electronically. Manual adjustment requires removing the face from the chuck table and making certain adjustments to the appropriate axes of the machine.

A fine example of a double-sided grinder in operation is the DeWalt Heavy Duty Grind Grinder which has incorporated the newest technology available in the production of grinders today. This fine example of a quality machine features a fine aluminum oxide surface for extremely smooth finishing of both flat and ribbed workpieces. The aluminum oxide face also has the ability to be locked for extra accuracy and durability. An adjustable blade speed control is standard on this fine model. The machine makes use of an innovative twin-feed system that allows it to grind at speeds up to 4 grains per minute.

Another model of fine grinder with excellent performance is the award winning Diamond Walker Workpiece Grinder. This high-performance machine is ideal for most ceramic, porcelain and enamel applications because it can withstand both low and high temperatures. This latest model of diamond grinding includes built-in variable airflow system that ensures that the temperature does not exceed the maximum level set. The built-in dust collection and air filter system also features built-in air lock for accurate and consistent results. The built-in dressing monitoring system includes a microprocessor that is able to monitor workpiece temperatures and immediately take action to reduce heat buildup. High precision, fully adjustable precision bearings are used throughout this fine grinder.

The third type of high-performance double-sided grinder in the Diamond Walker line is the Elite Workpiece Grinder. This fine grinder has the ability to control workpiece temperatures, hold cool, and operate at very high speeds. It is equipped with dual blade systems that ensure accuracy regardless of the workpiece diameter and rough load pressure. The optional adjustable blade speed control allows users to set the speed at which the blade will turn. The high-precision dual blade cooling fan motor offers an effective and economical cooling system for this control system.

The fourth model in the Diamond Walker line, the Titan Stainless Steel Grinder, provides users with the ability to maximize power and accuracy at both coarse and fine workpieces. This grinder features high-speed rotating blades that are capable of operating at both low speeds and high speeds. The maximum workpiece diameter allows for easy and efficient rough cutting even at high loads. The diamond wheels feature fully adjustable components to accommodate both larger and smaller workpieces. The precision engineered precision bearing allows for smooth operation regardless of the workpiece diameter and rough load pressure. The optional variable blade cooling fan system can also be controlled by a variable speed fan and provides quiet and efficient operation.

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