Turning Spindles – How to Turn Spindles

Turning Spindle Turning, or turning around the edges of centers, is also called turning on their edges. It is often done by hand and the ends of each piece are left raw and uncut. If done by hand, it can be very tedious and can cause a number of problems with cutting and shaping the end grain of the wood. However it is much easier to do with a turkey.

Turning a spindle on an axis is one of the simplest woodturning methods and is often found in hand carved nursery furniture, as well as in hand made turneries. It is especially popular in American and English turned furniture. Turning spindles may also be used on flat surfaces where straight lines are required, although the finished product is not always flat. Turning spindles are also commonly found in Japanese woodturneries and in antique furniture.

The turning of a spindle depends upon the angle of the turner’s face. The wood must be straight and of uniform density. The wood should be turned along the grain of the wood by the turning woodworker at right angles to the wood’s direction. Turning spindles are often attached to an electric lathe, either in a lathe and hand crank form, or as a stand alone device. Electric lathes use either a spring powered chain or a hand cranked mechanism. A hand cranked mechanism usually works better for small turning projects. On the other hand, it is very difficult to use an electric lathe for a large piece of turning wood, such as a tree trunk or a barn door.

Turning spindles are available in a variety of designs and materials. Some are fixed to the wood with screws or nails and require special tools for installation. Others are portable and are carried around with the turner. Still others are self-supporting and are simply hung from the ceiling or stand alone. Some are supported by a single nail or bolt, and some require four or more nails to hold it in place. Regardless of the method, the turning spindle must have sufficient support for the wood to turn smoothly.

Turning spindles can be purchased at craft stores, hardware stores or even online. Many have been made for a fraction of the cost of the retail price. at crafts stores selling woodworking equipment. Some turners will allow you to print out patterns and purchase the turning spindle and all you need to build a nursery. or turnery bench from an online retailer.

Turning spindles make it easy to create beautiful, intricate turned wood pieces. They can also be a wonderful way to add character to unfinished pieces of wood. Turning spindles make it easy to turn wood with less mess and frustration than most woodworkers will admit!

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