How to Use the Horizontal Center in Your MACHINE

The Horizontal Center from the 3-Point Aligner (not to be confused with the spacer) is used for alignment of the parts on your machine. This is an important tool in order to obtain good results on the parts you work on. You can see and feel the role this tool plays in the “How to” section below.

horizontal center

First, here is a definition of the Horizontal Center from the website for the 3-Point Aligner: “The Horizontal Center is an integral part of the machine that provides the clearance for the DME to make the pivot points of the cutting blades as close together as possible.” In other words, it helps to make sure the cutting blades are aligned properly, so that they will cut straight, cleanly, and evenly. It should be able to account for all the possible angles and positions that can occur with parts on your machine.

If you are unsure about the part you are working on, you should take care to ensure that the centers align properly when you put the part on the machine. If you are working on your own machine, this should not be difficult, since you will usually be wearing a safety harness while operating it. However, if you do not have a harness, you can always ask the person operating the machine if there is something to wear.

Before you can align the part, you will need to put the piece on the spacer that is already in place. After you have attached the piece, align the edges with the centers of the four corners. If you are aligning two different pieces, simply move them over to their respective centers. If you are aligning several similar items, you can mark the centers of each piece.

Make sure you check that the centers are in perfect alignment, and that there are no gaps between the centers that can create any possible angles. When you have made sure that the centers are perfectly aligned, you can try moving the machine forward. If the piece does not move at all, you will need to replace the piece on the Horizontal Center (unless the piece is oversized or has several screws).

Step three involves mounting the piece on the spacer. Again, you can do this yourself or get a tool like the Drill Run Tool that comes with most parts of the machine. Again, if you are unsure about how to properly mount the piece, ask someone who is knowledgeable about the machine to help you out.

You may notice that the piece that you put on the Horizontal Center appears to be a little larger than the rest of the parts on the machine. If you have chosen a smaller spacer, then you may find that the piece is too big, which can lead to problems when you turn it over. If you are not sure about the correct size, you can simply look up the specifications for the machine on the internet.

You can take the piece that you have placed on the Horizontal Center to the hardware store. Sometimes the spacer will simply need to be trimmed down to make it fit, but sometimes you will need to get a hand saw to make sure the piece fits correctly into the machine.

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