Using The Horizontal Machine For Your Workouts

Although horizontal machine sets are designed for those who enjoy back and armwork, those with lower stamina can still benefit from this particular style of work. Whether you need to strengthen, tone, or increase mobility of the muscles in your back, arm, and legs, this particular set of machines is an excellent choice. A new study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows that the types of machines used for these exercises may be more beneficial than using free weights.

horizontal machine

Training and building muscle are never simple, and that includes lifting weights. Before a weight training regimen, many individuals look to use free weights, in particular, free weights that are light enough to lift that they are easy to control. With this choice, as a bodybuilder, it’s important to choose only those weights that are suitable for your style of weight training, without putting too much strain on your joints. Unfortunately, many workouts require you to use heavier weights, which can result in injury and strain.

Unlike free weights, horizontal machines do not require your body to brace the body in any way, allowing you to lift more weight with less stress on the joints. With this choice, the weight is lifted by pushing a vertical platform up and down, rather than pulling against an invisible resistance. This style of machine is great for back, upper-body, and leg workouts, as it can create the same types of movements that your joints will be making in your workout.

The research presented in this paper followed up on a group of high school athletes and found that those who used these machines during their training program saw the best gains in strength and muscularity. The students who didn’t use these machines improved less, but those who did found a change. Those that used the horizontal machines experienced more overall muscle growth than those who did not. And there was also a trend for those that used the machines to have larger muscles.

So, the next time you think about purchasing another piece of equipment for your gym, consider the benefits of these affordable machines for your next effective workout machines. Many exercise professionals recommend that you use both pieces of equipment, as it not only gives you the most effective workout, but it is also safe for those with joint issues. You will also find that these machines can help you increase your overall fitness, so you don’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing the things you want out of your exercise routine.

When you first start with such machines, the first thing you need to do is practice the exercises. When you first start out, make sure you lift the weight very slowly, so you don’t tire yourself out. Also, it is important to stretch and warm up, before you start a weight lifting session.

Take the time to properly warm up and stretch before you start your training session. Remember, doing these things will ensure that you don’t injure yourself and give you the best chance to achieve your goals. Most importantly, make sure you have a spotter, especially if you’re new to the machine.

Over time, you’ll find that these machines can help you train more effectively and more frequently, without having to rely on free weights. It may be one of the better investments you can make for your own health.

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