A Closer Look at a Horizontal Center

The horizontal center in a rectangular room has its importance to the entire designing process. It makes the room appear spacious and proportionate, and to this end it becomes one of the key points in residential interior design. It is not necessary that you have to go for the kind of horizontal center but if you’re feeling that you’ve got a good plan of construction and architectural concept in mind then a horizontal center is ideal for you.

You may ask yourself, how does the vertical center of a room relate to the horizontal center and what are the reasons why this is so? Well, in order to better understand this it helps to understand some of the principal types of a horizontally centered room and the reasons why they are used.

As mentioned earlier a lot of such rooms is rectangular in shape with curved walls. The structure of the room is not necessarily curved to a great extent but rather is the width of the ceiling or walls which is straightened out. They are typically wider than tall as well as the principle reason for this is to allow for the passage of more light. However, the idea here is to allow for the brightest possible amount of light because this is the main purpose of the horizontal center.

The second type of a horizontally centered room is the double shot. In this case the horizontal center is not straight but rather sloped. It is less wide than it is tall but wider than it is long and the reason for this is to allow for an open space to take in the room where additional light can be put to good use.

The third type of a vertically centered room is the pentagon, which is the same as the horizontal center but is much larger. This room tends to be roomier than a similar sized room, especially when it is made of stone, and the orientation of the horizontal center is from one side to the other. Many people prefer this form of room because of the fact that there is not enough space for the traditional split wall to take in the room.

Finally the last and most recent example is the horizontal version of the vertical center. A horizontal center is a more recent item of design because it was brought into fashion in the last decade and many people are now opting for this form of design. It is all about designing the room to be different and expanding on the look of a room which had been simple for centuries.

The point here is that such rooms are used in order to have more light. The idea is to go for a horizontal or vertical design of a room where the horizontal center is placed nearer to the outside. This is what makes it more proportional than others.

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