Marvel vs. DC, Android vs. the EU, and the new 12-inch MacBook

Plus the rest of the week’s hottest tech news and reviews.

CNET April 22, 2016

CNET Week in Tech, UK edition
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Marvel vs. DC: Which universe wins?
There are a lot of comic book superheroes on screen these days. And there are filmic fights going down offscreen, too. As Marvel brings the latest instalment of Captain America to cinemas, we ask which studio has it right. READ MORE »
Nick Hide
Global copy chief / London

The week’s top stories /

Apple MacBook review: Improved minimalist MacBook is still one port shy of laptop nirvana

The 12-inch MacBook gets a better battery and faster performance, but it’s still a one-port-wonder.

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EU says Google abuses its Android dominance

Google requires phone makers install its apps if they want access to its Play Store. The EU calls this an unfair practice.

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Monster’s Adidas Adistar In-Ear Wireless sports headphone review: Better than Beats for less

Monster’s £70 Adidas-branded wireless sports headphone is an appealing option for fitness use and everyday wear.

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UK’s spy agencies hold a massive database of ordinary citizens

The government has collected so much information on regular Brits that even internal reviews warned of crossing the line.

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How Intel’s botched branding stopped me from upgrading my PC

Commentary: Intel may blame its current woes on the decline in PC sales, but its poor marketing also had an impact.

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Network troubleshooting gets real

From TechRepublic:
Bandwidth hogs can be frustrating to troubleshoot, but with SolarWinds® Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack, you can quickly find of…

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Video of the week /

What you need to see for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ to make any sense

Marvel’s volume of movies and TVs shows is frankly overwhelming, but you can still enjoy Cap’s latest outing even if you’re not fully up to date.

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Latest from Crave /

Check out these amazing BB-8 droids styled by Star Wars actors (pictures)

Actors and other British celebs have given the adorable droid a host of new looks and outfits for a charity auction.

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Internet sheds tears of ‘purple rain’ for Prince

The iconic artist’s legions of fans are turning to social media to spill grief for an artist who had a conflicted relationship with the Internet.

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My day flying a 747 over London

CNET’s Kent German takes the controls of a British Airways Boeing 747 simulator for a flight from Europe’s busiest airport.

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Watch the Game of Thrones opening sequence in epic papercraft

Moleskine is celebrating the new season of Game of Thrones with an amazing papercraft recreation of the opening sequence.

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Remember Batman’s Bat-credit card? Now you can get one (in Malaysia)

There are three designs: one inspired by the Dark Knight trilogy, one with a yellow bat symbol and one from the 1997, er, “classic”.

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