Building your own VR PC, the HTC 10 and ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Plus the rest of the week’s hottest tech news and reviews.

CNET April 15, 2016

CNET Week in Tech, UK edition
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How to build a VR-ready PC
Virtual reality is poised to be the next big thing, but most of our computers aren’t powerful enough to handle it. Whether you’re looking for the bare basics or want a monster rig, here’s everything you need to know about building a PC that can support cutting-edge VR headsets. READ MORE »
Nick Hide
Global copy chief / London

The week’s top stories /

HTC 10 brings the noise, but it’s not a Galaxy killer

With dual audio speakers and BoomSound, the HTC 10 is an audiophile’s dream. But it lacks other best-in-class offerings.

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Amazon Kindle Oasis is slickest and slimmest Kindle yet, but costs £270

The new top-of-the-line Kindle weighs a mere 130 grams and its swanky cover delivers months of battery life.

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Bose changed its headphones to satisfy Apple, and everybody wins

Bose headphone connectors used to break a lot, but the “robust” (and iPhone-friendly) straight plug is changing that.

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Dyson V8 cordless vacuum doubles battery life, while new Big Ball gets self-righting powers

Dyson’s introduced a more powerful lightweight vacuum and a new upright vacuum that’s no pushover.

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Cuba’s King of Batteries

This original short story takes us back to 1943, where a Cuban prisoner learns how little he knows.

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Network troubleshooting gets real

From TechRepublic:
Bandwidth hogs can be frustrating to troubleshoot, but with SolarWinds® Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack, you can quickly find of…

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Video of the week /

The world’s largest model airport is incredible

Watch a Concorde and even the Millennium Falcon take off and fly at Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland.

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Latest from Crave /

‘Captain America: Civil War’ is another gem in Marvel’s MCU gauntlet

Spoiler-free review: Captain America’s latest adventure is full of charisma, heart and spectacle.

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How Netflix snatched Ricky Gervais’ ‘Special Correspondents’ from Hollywood

He says Netflix’s hands-off approach to production will herald “the return of the auteur.”

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This 1917 image is the earliest proof of exoplanets

Unearthed at Carnegie Observatories, this is the oldest evidence we have for planets outside the solar system.

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Daredevil won’t show up in a Marvel movie, says actor Charlie Cox

The British actor says there has been “no conversation” about making the leap from Netflix to movies.

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‘Doctor Strange’ trailer, broken down shot by shot

Hello there, Scruffybatch! We take an in-depth look at the world of Marvel’s magical new hero.

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