Everything we know about the iPhone 7

Rumored design, the camera, and what it may be missing.

CNET March 16, 2016

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Everything we know about the iPhone 7 right now

We’ll dive into the iPhone 7’s rumored design, dual-lens camera system, lack of headphone jack and wireless “Air Buds” so you can sound like a smarty-pants.

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How PlayStation VR compares with Oculus Rift, Vive

Sony reveals the price and other details of its virtual-reality system, but there are a few things to keep in mind when looking at competing VR headgear.

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How Lucasfilm plans to make the Star Wars world feel real to fans

For Lucasfilm’s experimental laboratory ILMxLAB, the future of entertainment and storytelling will be immersive, using virtual reality and augmented reality to bring fans into the action.

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Better together: Alexa and Scout give DIY security a voice

We upgraded the security setup in the CNET Smart Home to include voice control between the Amazon Echo and Scout.

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