CORRECTION: Apple vs. the FBI, Ghostbusters are go and #tacotruckfail

All the top stories from the biggest phone show in the world.

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CNET March 4, 2016

CNET Week in Tech, UK edition
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The Last Taco Truck in Silicon Valley
Ingenuity, betrayal, and a killer habanero sauce all have their part to play in Michelle Richmond’s brilliant send-up of the US tech world. A startup evangelist is held hostage, a guy from Portland is in debt and #FrancoNeedsATaco. READ MORE »
Nick Hide
Global copy chief / London

The week’s top stories /

Apple should unlock iPhone due to possible ‘dormant cyber pathogen,’ says DA

The iPhone 5C at the center of Apple’s struggle with the FBI could be used as a “weapon,” says San Bernardino County’s district attorney.

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Google’s new payments app means never having to pull out your wallet

The Hands Free app lets customers pay for items by simply telling the cashier, “I’ll pay with Google.” But will customers speak up?

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Google throws its computing brains into tackling the Zika virus

The tech giant hopes to help ambush the virus by predicting where to focus resources. Oh, and it’s throwing in a million bucks, too.

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You bring the speakers, Echo Dot brings Alexa

Amazon’s teeny-tiny Echo follow-up ditches the speaker and cuts the cost of Alexa in half.

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CNET’s Tech Today app: One tap, 10 top stories

We’ve built an iPhone app to keep you on top of the world of technology. It’s called Tech Today and you should download it right now.

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Whitepaper: Seven Ways to Reduce Waste and Accelerate Software Delivery

From TechRepublic:
This paper will explore best practices for identifying and eliminating seven types of waste: Waiting, handoffs and task switching, motion, extra and…

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Video of the week /

The Morgan EV3 is electrifying tradition

Morgan started making three-wheeled vehicles at its inception more than a century ago. Now it thinks this crazy little vehicle is going to start an electric revolution.

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Latest from Crave /

Ghostbusters prepare for battle in new full-length trailer

The new cast gets set for paranormal peril in the trailer for the upcoming “Ghostbusters” movie.

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No Man’s Sky: Becoming an intergalactic Indiana Jones sounds pretty good

Exploring the galaxy as an astro-archaeologist has never looked cooler. We play this hotly anticipated game and meet its creators.

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You’ll soon need a TV licence even if you just watch iPlayer, government confirms

New legislation will soon close the loophole that allows you to watch BBC TV online without paying the licence fee.

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Bought an otter on Facebook? You may have trafficked in endangered wildlife

Live otters, gibbons and bears have all been found for sale in Malaysian Facebook groups, reports wildlife watchdog Traffic.

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