Twitter Moments knows what you’ll want to read before you do

Twitter Moments has launched in Australia, allowing users to see curated lists of current trends.

CNET March 3, 2016

Week in Tech, AU Edition
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Twitter Moments knows what you’ll want to read before you do
Twitter Moments has launched in Australia, allowing users to see curated lists of tweets on all the big topics making news today. Think of it as the BOM Radar watch, but for Kanye’s tweet storms… READ MORE »
Claire Reilly
Senior Writer / Sydney

The week’s top stories /

Everything must go: Dick Smith customer details auctioned off

If you ever signed up to a Dick Smith newsletter or handed over personal information when buying from their online store, your details may soon be sold off to the highest bidder, as part of Dick Smith’s fire sale liquidation.

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Apple gets backing in FBI iPhone case from privacy groups, tech titans

The American Civil Liberties Union believes an FBI request to hack a terrorist’s iPhone threatens everyone’s privacy and security.

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The ghost of VR past: The long history of tech’s latest love affair

We might be getting excited about virtual reality in 2016, but it’s not the first time we’ve been ready to welcome VR into our homes…

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“Wear a Minnie Mouse Head!”: Girt by CNET Podcast 63

Twitter has itself a few Moments with Kanye West, the HTC Vive pricing gets the team hot under the collar and a special guest comes in to explain why 20 years of Pokemon is actually important.

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Deadmau5 rats out Kanye over Pirate Bay gaffe

Sure, we should all pay a fair price for digital downloads, but maybe Kanye needs a little help when it comes to coughing up cash for what he downloads online.

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Whitepaper: Seven Ways to Reduce Waste and Accelerate Software Delivery

From TechRepublic:
This paper will explore best practices for identifying and eliminating seven types of waste: Waiting, handoffs and task switching, motion, extra and…

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Video of the week /

What to expect at Apple’s March 21 event

A new iPad Pro 9.7-inch model, the iPhone SE and Apple Watch Bands are coming. Plus, the MacBook Selfie Stick!

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Latest news /

Hubble breaks cosmic record, captures most distant galaxy

The Hubble Space Telescope has imaged a galaxy 13.4 billion light-years away, just 400 million years after the Big Bang.

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How Pokemon turned me into a nerd

Commentary: As Pokemon celebrates its 20th anniversary, CNET’s Luke Lancaster looks back on how the global phenomenon made him the game-loving nerd he is today.

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Tech that stands the test of time

Before the notion of planned obsolescence, technology was built to last. These gadgets and experiments have all been operating since before you were born (probably).

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15 epic Lego creations that will blow your mind

The Lego community has done some absolutely jaw-dropping things with the world’s favourite modular toy.

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