Cable could be losing its grip on your set-top box

The FCC has suggested that cable subscriptions should no longer be tied to specific hardware, and while cable companies are nervous, this is actually a good deal for everyone.

CNET March 2, 2016

Home Theater and Audio
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Yamaha YSP-5600: A promising yet expensive take on a Dolby Atmos sound bar
The expensive Yamaha YSP-5600 sound bar projects a huge sound field, and no other sound bar can produce as immersive an experience, but you’ll need to buy an additional subwoofer. At an extra $300 this makes the $2,000 end price a little too much to swallow, especially given there aren’t that many discs available. READ MORE »
Ty Pendlebury
Senior Associate Editor / New York

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Samsung UBD-K8500 4K Blu-ray player review: A video quality powerhouse for high-end TVs

The Samsung UBD-K8500 is the world’s first 4K Blu-ray player, delivering the best picture quality yet available for the home. But you’ll need an expensive TV to appreciate its advantages — and a whole new disc collection.

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With a bullet to the head from Samsung, 3D TV is now deader than ever

It may shamble forward zombie-style for a few more years, but without the world’s No. 1 TV maker on board, 3D TV is doomed.

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Skullcandy Grind Wireless: A top Bluetooth contender for less than $100

A budget favorite, the Skullcandy Grind will soon come in a wireless version for $90 that offers strong sound for the money and a comfortable fit.

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A possible iPhone 7 change is stoking outrage on Twitter

As rumors mount that Apple may remove the headphone jack on the upcoming iPhone 7, the possible change has provoked strong negative responses on Twitter.

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Do vinyl LPs wear out? The Audiophiliac takes on that myth

Don’t be scared off by the old bugaboo about record wear, says the Audiophiliac.

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