The next iPhone: Unhackable?

Apple is working on a phone even it can’t hack.

CNET February 26, 2016

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Apple’s working on an iPhone even it can’t hack
Apple versus the FBI is the biggest story of 2016 and Apple is not willing to make an “FBiOS.” Plus, the Apple TV could be your next cable box. READ MORE »
Andrew Altman
Associate Editor / San Francisco


This robot is extremely excited to deliver your groceries

Starship Technologies’ adorable delivery ‘bot is semi-autonomous and covered in cameras, and it could soon be hauling deliveries up to your door.

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Volvo app turns your phone into your car key

The carmaker’s software also lets you share access to your vehicle with others. We go hands-on at Mobile World Congress 2016.

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What is the most exciting news on extraterrestrials?

This week on the CraveCast a viewer asked METI President Douglas Vakoch what the most exciting news is right now about alien life in our universe.

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Smartphone gauntlet is oddly compelling concept tech

We’re weirdly impressed by the design of this bizarre manacle, built by FlexEnable to demonstrate the company’s curved-screen tech.

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NASA-designed plane could replace the 737

NASA has unveiled a next-gen plane, designed to cut emissions, sound and fuel consumption.

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Shop the most affordable models

Best  used SUVs we recommend From hardcore off-roaders to sensible city slickers you can score a used SUV for around $16,000.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. LG G5

Our side-by-side matchup of the design, camera and extra features of the two biggest phones of Mobile World Congress 2016.

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