Automating each and every light in the CNET Smart Home

We’ve tested a number of different products and approaches to smart lighting. Now, it’s time to go all-in.

CNET February 25, 2016

Smart home and appliances
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Let’s light up this joint! Whole-home smart lighting in the CNET Smart Home
Smartening up an entire home’s worth of lights might seem like a big job, but it’s easier than you might think. Here’s how we did it at the CNET Smart Home. READ MORE »
Andrew Gebhart
Associate Editor / Louisville, KY

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Keen Home’s Smart Vents have potential, but right now they’re crippled by serious design flaws.

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Amazon’s smart speaker was arguably the breakout product of 2015. Now, for 2016, we’re giving it a fresh review.

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This smart Wi-Fi dryer needs big boosts in speed and style

You can monitor this Wi-Fi-enabled GE dryer from your phone — but isn’t as fast or attractive as it should be.

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Neat isn’t enough to save this limited VR security camera

This virtual-reality security camera may have a 360-degree view, but it definitely can’t protect your home.

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What can’t the Flic smart button do?

Shortcut Labs’ new smart button is surprisingly useful in a connected home.

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Supersized, and a super performer to boot

This massive, 32-cubic-foot LG fridge aced our cooling tests — but is it too boring to merit the asking price?

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This smart plug fails to electrify a flooded market

Elgato’s new smart plug lacks the ambition to offer anything truly new or important.

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I see you! Kodak’s new security camera has facial recognition

Kodak’s $150 Video Monitor detects the motion activity that matters most — and ignores the rest.

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Take a look at how we test ovens

Here’s an overview of how we figure out what oven belongs in your kitchen.

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How does UL test hoverboards? Hint: They blow them up

Underwriters Laboratories has new tests that are supposed to bring hoverboards back from the brink.

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Brew your beer sous-vide style with BrewJacket

The Immersion Pro uses temperature control to make a tricky stage of beer brewing easier.

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This cute ball will watch your house and keep your pets busy

LG’s Rolling Bot is a mobile home monitoring device that can also play with your pet.

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